Movin on Up!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yesterday Kenley moved up to the next size of pacifier and today I bought size 2 diapers! They are a little big on her but I have been using our cloth diapers more now so this box should last us a while. My baby is getting so big. I already need to start packing up all the clothes that are too small for her. It amazes me how fast she is growing up!
{This photo is from a while ago, but this is pretty much all she did today because we drove up to Raleigh with our friend Jamie and her son Jordan}

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Susan Navas said...

Kenley just now moved up to size 2? Amazing! I think my kids were in size 2 from birth, but then I had monster babies. Kenley is petite like her Mamma. You're right that they grow so quickly. Enjoy every moment with this little one; she's so precious!