November Goals

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I have decided to write my goals for November down here so that yall can keep me accountable!

1. Wash and Box up Maternity Clothes (which means I have to stop wearing them, they look weird on me now but I just keep putting them on, it needs to stop!)
2. Wash and Box up Brian's Desert Cammies
3. Paint my toes for the Ball (Normal girls wouldn't need to write this down but I barely qualify as a girl so I need to write it down)
4. Make Sweater Project (I keep wearing the sweaters that I buy for the project so that is why its not done yet, what can I say, it is perfect weather right now for chunky sweaters!)
5. Get Kenley's room under control (It looks like a baby shower vomited all over her room, I haven't seen the recliner in months)
6. Wash couches
7. Make Ornament Wreath
8. Get Office under control (I haven't seen the desk in a week)
9. Make Chalkboard paint project
10. List stuff on Craigslist (Diapers, Bath Seat, Bathroom Set)
11. Clean out Fridge

I am off to get started!


Ashley said...

yay for chalkboard paint project, and I wish we could make ornament wreaths together!

Unknown said...

I will keep you accountable, if you will do the same for ME! I will post my goals on my blog TODAY! :)

Jenny said...

I love it! (I too kept on wearing my maternity clothes, especially the ones that could go either way, but once I realized that I was NOT pregnant anymore, but had a 6 month old I thought it was time. Honestly before we moved I still found maternity items in my drawers, good grief!)