Fattening us up

Friday, March 5, 2010

Kenley's pediatrician called me yesterday to let me know that he received the results back from my breast milk calorie count. Apparently the calorie count for my milk is 16 calories per ounce. Normal human milk is 20 calories per ounce as is formula. He said that my options were basically to give her formula or to pump milk for her and then we could add some prescription stuff to it to make it more calorically dense.

To me it seems that the first step should be me altering my diet to include more fats to see if that can up the calorie content of the milk. So that is what I am doing. I started by buying whole milk yesterday. *gasp* Brian didn't know what to do with himself, he commented how excited he was for breakfast the next morning. I have been depriving him all this time buy only buying skim milk. :)

I did call the Lactation Consultant at the hospital to see if she had any advice to give me about upping the calorie content. She said she needed to do a little bit of research and talk to a few other consultants, hopefully she will be calling me back today.

So that is where we are in part eleventy billion of Kenley's weight saga :)

Any ideas on how to fatten me up healthily? I really want the extra fats that I consume to be as healthy as possible so that my insides aren't turning into sludge! :)


Jacki said...

How about oily fish, avocados and nuts?

KMom said...

thats exactly what I was going to say, you already switched the milk. Now, make Fish Tacos with grilled salmon topped with avocado and have nuts for snack. Yum I might need to try that too :) Love Ya!

Bekah said...

YEAH!! I love being right!! :) Healthy fats; avocados are great. Fatty nuts like Pistachios, Walnuts, all natural peanut butter mixed with honey and chopped walnuts is great with apples. Cheese and yogurts. Cheese can be really simple to add. Add it to soups, use it in omelets, sprinkle it on your potatoes. If ANYBODY knows their fats, it's going to be ME!! HA HA HA. Love ya Keri and I am glad your baby is healthy!

Carol Blanchet said...

I think you are on the right track. To keep up a good milk supply be sure you get plenty of rest and drink your 64 ozs of water each day. Animal proteins are a good fat -yeah for steak ;-)
along with the other ones that were mentioned - and of course, then goat's milk! What did you expect from a mama who has dairy goats? Did you know that goat milk is most like human milk (great for baby) and it has 168 calories per cup. My favorite verse is Prov. 27:27. I'm praying for you and sweet Kenley.

Steph said...

Yay for the WHOLE MILK!

That's a good start -- I never understood how you could drink skim anyway. I have moved from 2% to 1% and while I can't really tell the difference anymore, I think skim tastes like water. Expensive water!

I want to join the group and add that almonds and yogurt, cottage cheese, regular cheese ... these are great ways to add healthy fats (and protein! That will keep you healthy) to your diet. I'm sure you're already implementing things like this in your diet, but adding them to foods you already eat will be an easy way to make small changes!

Or, you could make a point of eating oreos regularly. That's what the old Steph would say! =)

CLR said...

Yogurt for sure. Try making your own with whole milk it's very cost effective and the baby can eat it too. Samuel loves it with a touch of agave nectar.
Dito to everything else that was mentioned.