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Monday, March 29, 2010

Here is Kenley showing off the sticker she got after her blood draw today. We had the same tech that we have had 2 times before and I think that Kenley may have recognized her because she gave the tech the stare down! I would too if this was my 4th time giving blood in such a short amount of time!
She also had to have a catheter put in for a urine analysis... The pee bags didn't work so well. :) I feel so bad for her! She has had quite the traumatic last 2 months! I am not really sure what to say because the Doctor kind of lost me when he was talking but they got the blood tests back already and her blood platelet count is over 3x what it should be. This is a bad thing. So up next is for us to meet with a Hematologist and there Kenley will most likely have to have a blood marrow test and spinal fluid tests done... scary!She is still just the happiest, sweetest little baby ever! God is still and will always be good!

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head in the clouds said...

this kid will definitely have a testimony when she gets older. i have been through a lot in my life with health issues and she is encouraging me. i know that it is hard sometimes to accept the things that go wrong with us, but the witness that we get through it all is worth it.
keep on splashing grace and glory on the rest of us. it will be exciting to see what God does.