The Church Search Conclusion

Monday, September 27, 2010

We have decided to attend Grace Bible Church. After visiting other area churches it was very evident that Grace was the church we were supposed to be at. Gods Word is clearly preached and a right attitude about God's holiness is upheld there. We started our first membership class this past Sunday and we are excited to jump right in! Brian is already singing in the choir and really enjoying it!

We know that there will never be a perfect church and Grace is no exception but it is definitely the right fit for us. We have really been enjoying the sermons that Pastor Zimmer has been going through in Matthew about the crucifixion. I have already learned so much more depth about what really happened on that ever important date.


Bekah said...

this makes my heart happy!

Sarah Z said...

We glad you are here!

Lauren said...

So glad that you have decided ... although we miss you SO much at Pleasant Acres :(