Goodbye NICU!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sunday morning before church we received a phone call from the NICU letting us know that Claire was cleared to come home! We were actually pretty shocked since we thought it would be another week or two! So we headed to Target before church to pick up newborn size diapers!

This is the sign from the door to her room. It made me smile everyday because 1. It wasn't pink! and 2. It has cute birdies and a little owl on it!
Here are a few shots of the room where she spent almost her whole first 3 weeks of life:

This is our favorite nurse Abbie! She was seriously the best, I was always so happy when I knew that Abbie was her nurse for the day!

Claire has been doing so great at home! We went for a check-up on Tuesday and she had gained 2 ounces! I know that I keep saying this but it is so surreal that I should still be pregnant right now!


Unknown said...

God is good! :) So happy for you guys. Can't wait to meet Claire!

Janet said...

So glad you are all home together! It brings back memories of when Josh "lived " at the NICU for 3 months as a premie. We truly know the joy you feel at God's graciousness in bringing your baby home. We are so happy for you! :D

Emma said...

Why did I have to fight back tears looking at these photos? I'm blaming hormones. Love you guys!