The Kick

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I think that this x-ray is so neat. Typically doctors never take x-rays of pregnant women because of the minimal risk of radiation to the baby, however with me they had to to see what was going on. I just love that you can see her whole entire tiny body!Recovery for me is going pretty well. Mornings are definitely the hardest. But I am at the point now where I don't NEED the pain medication exactly every four hours so that is so good!

Have you seen the movie Inception? If not, you should because its good... But if you have then you will know what I am talking about with my post title.

The first thing that happened when I was coming to out of surgery was that I could feel the doctors or nurses smashing down so hard on my stomach, it was the most pain that I have ever felt. The problem was not the pain exactly but the fact I was still sedated so I could feel everything and do nothing about it. I couldn't move or speak but I could feel pain. All that I wanted to do was scream out and tell them to stop but I couldn't, it was so scary!

Due to this traumatic awakening from surgery, my body was having trouble falling asleep. I would start to doze off and then all of a sudden I would jolt, gasp for air and wake up. (Just like a kick!) It was really annoying and they actually had to start giving me anti-anxiety medication so that I could sleep. The doctors think that I had a slight case of post traumatic stress disorder and that my body was just too scared to let me go to sleep again.

How weird is that!?!
Thankfully it has stopped happening and I can fall asleep again!


BizzyBrooke said...

Awesome movie, horrible experience Keri! Glad everyone is doing well in your family. I read the blog regularly and my kids and I are praying for Claire to come home soon!

Amy said...

I can't see the baby. Is it the little dark stuff in the top left or the spine looking thing going across the whole x-ray?

Steph said...

Wow. I've not seen Inception, but I've been told I should. It's definitely going on the Netflix!

What you were talking about -- the Kick, as it were, reminds me of a myoclonic jerk, where while falling asleep, the brain sends an electric pulse through the muscles, because as the breathing slows and heart rate falls, it's worried about ... you know, you dying, so it sends the pulse to wake you up some. I hate that.

I am so grateful you're recovering!

Emma said...

That picture is so cool!! I'm so sorry you had to go through that but so glad you're not any longer. You and Claire came to my mind this morning and I said another prayer for the two of you. :) Kiss both of your girls for me!