So... What happened?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I had a follow up doctors appointment Tuesday afternoon and since I was heavily medicated during most of my hospital stay, I had a lot of questions about what happened to me.

The doctor said that the uterine infection that caused my illeus after Kenley was born likely caused scar tissue to adhere my uterus to my small intestine. Therefore as Claire grew larger my intestines started to kink around the scar tissue.

During my two in one surgery they had to remove a great deal of scar tissue and resection my small intestines in those areas.

My doctor said that no one at this hospital has ever seen this happen to anyone before and that this is something that maybe happens to someone every fifty years. That fact really makes me laugh because I just always seem to be that one random person who these crazy things happen to!

Claire is doing great, many of you have asked when she will get to come home. Honestly, we have no idea and it will probably be awhile still. We promise to let you know as soon as we know! It is highly likely that baby Aiden Friedlein and baby girl Wehrman will both be home before Claire.

The nurses know Claire to be the feisty girl on this floor :) I think that it's probably due to her being made up of 94% boneless buffalo wings :)


Bekah said...

Keri, I think that we are in the same boat when it comes to strange stuff happening. I went in to have a simple gall bladder removal that was to be at the most 90min long with a 3% chance of any complications. HA! 6 hours later, major complications, transfer to Seattle plus another surgery. You are not alone. I have major scar tissue as well

Jenny said...

She is so so cute Keri. We'll keep praying for all of you. Based upon today's doc appt, I think Aiden will be the last to arrive, but probably the biggest. We'll see what the Lord has planned :) Miss you guys!

Emma said...

"...94% boneless buffalo wings."
I cracked up when I read that. :)
I know the situation isn't ideal, but even amist it, it is so evident that you and Claire were and are in the Lord's hands through it all. Love you guys!

Maryn said...

Ha! Chicken wings!

Christy said...

Mmm... buffalo wings :P