Friday, June 1, 2012

May Goals Recap

- Wheat Free Month. I'm going to give this one a sort of... I was really strict until about the last week where 1 or 2 wheat things snuck in. I am so in the habit of finishing the girls lunches and testing their pasta for doneness. The goodish news is that I didn't feel any different or notice any changes since cutting out the wheat. I am still going to try to stay mainly wheat free but I won't be super strict about it if we are at some one's house or we are out to eat. My goal is to try to be about 95%ish wheat free since the blood test did show that I am allergic. Cauliflower pizza crust and everything brownies definitely will help me to not feel deprived! 
- The Color Run!! It was awesome! 
- Two trips to the Children's Museum. Total Fail. Did we even go once? I can't recall so I don't think we did. 
- Keep up with laundry, dishes, making the bed, etc..... Eh... I don't know.. I kept up with making the bed for sure but I didn't keep up with laundry as much as I should have.... and the dishes.... yeah, those tend to pile up quickly.... 

As for June, July, and August, I think that I am going to give myself a break with the goals and take off from posting them during the summer months.

Here's to Summer!!!

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Emily said...

I'm opposite of you, June-August will be the only months I NEED to make goals haha.