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Monday, June 18, 2012

I do not have some big excuse for why my blog has been abandoned the past week or so, just plain old life. Brian was away this past week on a camping trip so the girls and I tried to keep busy! We are very glad to have him back. I ran out of photo storage space on my iPhone yesterday and it has been refusing to let me take any pictures until I upload everything to my computer... Since I am forced to do that I might as well post some to the good ol' blog right?   :) 

Kale chips... we love them. This batch tasted just like French Onion Sun Chips. Claire ate half the batch... this is the crumb trail she left behind. I really can't complain though because my 18 month old is eating kale. lots of it. I'll post the recipe next time I make them! Speaking of kale, Trader Joe's had organic bagged kale today! It was kind of like Christmas morning. :) 

It is June-uary here in the PNW. Cold, gray, and rainy. Kenley doesn't care and insisted on wearing her "suit". I have to hide it from her or she will want to wear it every day and everywhere. 

We found something at the park that Claire likes! 

Yes, That is underwear on her head. Yes, It is a clean pair. No, I do not know why it is there. Yes, 2 minutes later she did get another pair and attempt to put it on Claire's head. 

I sent Brian a text last week asking him to pick up butter. He bought organic without even being asked! He is a keeper! 
I took this picture in the middle of the night (morning?) and then remembered taking it the next day. weird. 

I made cupcakes for Ethan's 1st birthday party at the zoo. I used The Pioneer Woman's recipe. It is the best.  Not healthy at all. But the best. 

Since Ethan's party was at the zoo, this is how we decorated the cupcakes! Thank you Pinterest. (Kenley keeps her little plastic giraffe with her at all times now.) 

 We weren't quite sure how we could transport all of the cupcakes to the zoo. It donned on me that we should call a grocery store and ask if they sell the plastic cupcake thingys! They do and at .50 cents a piece it was totally worth it! 

I am convinced that I need more probiotics and healthy bacteria in my diet. I am starting with a small spoonful of sauerkraut a day. The name makes it sound much more intimidating than it tastes. I think it tastes a bit like pickles. 

Also Kombucha. Again with the probiotics and healthy digestion stuff. I really like this brand. But at over $3.50 each I am contemplating making homemade. Does anyone have any experience with homemade Kombucha??? 

She is definitely Brians. She was chowing down on the olives. Ew. 

Look who got a big girl car seat! It is so fun to look back in the rear view mirror and see both of my girls faces! It is also way more fun for Claire now since she can see the DVD screen rather than just having to listen to it while Kenley watches. I am a little sad that we no longer have a baby car seat in our car... I'm also a little sad that we no longer have a baby. Ever since Claire started walking last week it was like she jumped straight into toddler land. 

Two seconds after I took this picture Max (who was on the leash I had) wrapped around Kenley a bunch of times just like what happens in the movies. It was a tangled mess of dog, leash, and crying child. She keeps asking to walk Rucker again though so it must not have scared her too much.

That's about it from the last few weeks!

See ya soon with a Zoo post and a post about the Adoption Run 10k that we did on the 9th! 


Goodfellows said...

I LOVE the underwear picture!!!!!! That's awesome! :-) She makes me laugh!

Carol Blanchet said...

Such sweeties!!
What kind of car seat did you choose for Claire? Mary Anne needs a new one.

Maryn said...

Sweet girls!

Keri Ronk said...

We got Claire a Britax Marathon 70. It's the same one that Kenley has. I wanted them to be matching :)

Emily said...

Love the picture updates :]

Barbara said...

your family is awesome!