Thursday, June 21, 2012

Last Saturday was our friend Ethan's 1st birthday party at the zoo! It was a cloudy overcast day in Seattle and it looked like it might rain but thankfully the rain held off and the cool weather actually turned out to be perfect zoo weather! Kenley loves giraffes! 

Kenley and I paid the $5 to feed the giraffes! I am glad that we did it. I think she was pretty surprised how big they are up close and how long their tongues are! 

Claire really enjoyed her cupcake. Don't worry... I do not plan to be one of those Moms who don't let their kids eat junk food at birthday parties! Bring on the cupcakes! 

I have never seen a peacock like this before. It was truly amazing. When we saw this all we could think was "Wow, God is really amazing" seriously. He designed that! It's amazing!

Kenley loved getting to pet the goats! It kinda made me want a goat. kinda... 

Fun trip to the zoo! 

Does anyone know if Jennings Park still has a petting zoo? or if not where another one is? I think it would be a fun summer activity for the girls! 

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Carol Blanchet said...

You know who to call if you want a goat. :-)

I think that Forest Park in Everett has a petting zoo.

You can pick up a Snohomish County Parks and Recreation guide - they list TONS of things to do and see!