It's raining... AGAIN...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I am usually okay with the rain... but man! Today I am going a bit stir crazy! 

I fell in love with the shoes on the right but they ended up being a half size too big. Are my feet shrinking? Since when am I a size 5? At least the shoes that come in my tiny size are purple! I am usually a Nike girl so we will see how I like these Brooks. Apparently seasoned runners run in Brooks... Does this make me a big girl runner? 

I don't think I will ever tire of looking in the rear view mirror and seeing the hand holding. It melts my heart every time. 

Kitchen Tip for Juicers: Keep a bowl in the fridge of leftover fruit and veggie scraps and then juice them next time you juice! With 2 toddlers we always end up with scraps of some kind. Usually it is apple cores, pear cores, any other half eaten produce, and strawberry tops. We really like the flavor that the strawberry tops adds! 

I spent an entire day last week going through stuff to get us ready for our garage sale next week. I found a lot of gems that I had forgotten about! 

One of the banana shirt's that my junior year cheer squad made together... I actually can't remember what the cheer was that went along with this though... 

I thought that this broken necklace was lost forever! My grandma gave this necklace to me before she died and I was so sad when it broken and then again when it was lost. I can't wait to (have my Mom) re-string it, wear it and think of Grandma B. 

I found a box with all of my notes from high school. I didn't read any of them because I was on a roll with the cleaning and organizing but it is going to be hilarious (and embarrassing) to read through them all! 

90's girls loved JTT! Haha I found MANY TeenBeat posters! Lot's of Nysnc, Backstreet Boys, and Hanson stuff was found too. I loved my boy bands! 

Kenley is becoming an expert and hide and go seek. 

Favorite hiding spot #1... under a blanket while yelling "I'm hiding!"

Favorite hiding spot #2... standing in the kitchen drinking almond milk also yelling "I'm hiding!" 

My Dad's birthday was on Sunday so on Monday the girls went out to Pho with him for lunch. I was a little bit worried about trying the Pho because he was been talking about it for so long and he likes weird foods... But it was actually really yummy! 

I can't wait to blog about my Dad's birthday present! It is awesome but we have to give it to him before I can blog about it.... It also needs to stop raining first!!!!! 

I have started drinking lemon water every morning. I am actually kinda hooked on it now. It is tart but after the first sip you get used to it and it feels really good on your throat! 

Those are sweet potato slips in the background! If it stops raining they will get planted today and then hopefully come fall we will have an abundant supply of sweet potatoes!

Time for me to go shower and then start brewing some Kombucha!!! Also on the agenda for the day is spin class with my friend Chloe! I haven't been to spin since I sprained my ankle on Easter... Vicki is going to kick my butt.... or rather my thighs and calves! 


Emily said...

So wish I could have been there to go down memory lane with you haha. Love finding old stuff like that :]

Also, I think you'll like the brooks. I had a pair that I wore out to pieces.

Emma said...

Greg and I both LOVE our Brooks!!
Also, by "all of my notes from high school" and "it is going to be hilarious (and embarrassing) to read through them all," I can only assume you don't mean your notes from science class...