Lake Chelan Summer Vacation 2013

Monday, July 29, 2013

We returned home from an awesome week at Lake Chelan late Saturday night. My in-laws were kind enough to let the girls and I tag along with them for the whole week! Brian and the Carruthers joined us all on Thursday! It was a great vacation with lots of pool and lake time! 

Spontaneous hand holding is the best! 

I found tilapia in my yogurt.... no... just no... 

This is how I get extra reading time in! I plan to post my summer reading list in the next few days! While in Chelan, I read Redeeming Love and Safe Haven. I love reading but in my daily life I don't get many opportunities so I really look forward to vacations where I will get to read! 

This is the only shot I got of all 5 kiddos... 

This girl is going to be 4 tomorrow!?! I can't believe it! 

Terri and I played Rummikub A LOT... A LOT :)

I now know where Brian gets his competitive spirit from... She wouldn't let us stop playing until she won... We played late into the night most nights :) 

I didn't do a great job about taking pictures so I will have to steal some pictures from Amy once she posts them on her blog!

Update: Here is a Link to Amy's blog with more pictures from our trip! 

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Joy said...

Teri sounds like Cheryl. Whatever game we play with her we have to play until she wins. Which sometimes takes hours...........