Easter 2014

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A week or so before Easter the girls dyed Easter eggs. April told me about these great plastic dyeable eggs from Walmart! They are awesome because they don't break when dropped and also I don' t have to worry about the food coloring consumption and trying to find natural dyes or anything like that! 

The girls have been loving playing with their eggs! 

The girls Easter baskets.... 
Yes... I went a little overboard! In my defense I bought most of it last year for 75% off after Easter and most of the rest was from the Target $ Spot! 

No candy this year! Just a Chocolate bunny! 
The girls baskets had stickers, bubble wands, pearl necklaces, stamp pads, bunny cups, chocolate bunnies, paintable wooden eggs, a princess doll, a chirpy bunny, a pair of sunglasses, bunny ear headbands, a new shirt, and they each got some Annie's bunny crackers! 

Since we are still in the search for a church here in NC, we went to church with the Goodfellows! There ended up being a little hitch with the seat saving so the girls actually sat with their girls and we sat with Gary and Melissa in a pew on the opposite side of the church. The girls loved that! 

After church Melissa's Mom prepared a feast for us! Her hushpuppies looked so delicious! We can't wait for this whole30 to be done! 

Decorating eggs... 

hunting for eggs... CLo found the golden egg! 

Resurrection eggs... 

After we got home and had nap time I set up another egg hunt for the girls! I hid 60 eggs and they found them all! 

No candy again! I filled the eggs with Crayola Washable Paints, rolled up vegetable seed packets, and coins! 

Today I added some monograms to the girls bunny cups :)

Easter night I tried getting Brian to take a picture with me in the girls bunny headbands but he wasn't having it.... 

Therefore I am forced to post this picture of him from the other night looking like the creepy biker Easter bunny. :) hahaha! 

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Amy said...

So sweet. Happy Easter Kenley and Claire! The boys missed egg hunting with their cousins. I think you and my mom got the 60-count eggs on sale or something!