Our first few weeks in NC

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

March 18th we made it back to our house... It was a dreary day which didn't at all help my mood when we walked into our house. Our renters had not left our house in good shape and there was so much to fix and clean and paint. The house also smelled like dog... gross. I just wanted to cry.... (I tend to cry when I am mad)

Thankfully our wonderful friends came over to help us unpack and it is hard to be sad when you are surrounded by people who you have missed so much and now you get to be with in person! 

This room was formerly Kenley's nursery... I was SHOCKED when I walked in... 

Seriously those colors were CRAZY! 

We FaceTimed with Grant and Amanda that first night in our house! We miss them so much! 

This is me jumping for joy because Amanda told me she was going to fly out and help me clean and paint this house!! Yay!! She is seriously seriously the best! 

Here is the kitchen before we painted. When we lived here before it was green... Our renters painted it purple... as much as Claire loves purple we just weren't feeling it! 

Silly faces because they got their first mail at the new house from the Peters! 

Amanda had to see the circus/Mickey Mouse Clubhouse room in person! We stayed super busy the whole time she was here! 

We FaceTimed Barbara! 

We painted over the circus... 

We hung pictures...

We painted... a lot...

She and Kenley took some selfies...

Before and After...

The many colors of our kitchen... yellow when we moved in... we painted it green... the renters painted it purple... and we painted it blue. I am in love with the blue! 

I had to take Amanda to Baker's Kitchen for breakfast! It is a bit different in there than when we lived here before but the french toast and syrup are the same! So delicious!!! 

a peek at our school room...

We ordered a counter top to go on this wall but it won't be here until the 18th... I can't wait for it to get here so we can get this room finished! 

 Popcorn and hot tamales...

hiding in the corner eating ice cream....

Brian slept on the couch while Amanda was here so I surprised Amanda and decorated the bed with Best Friend pillows! It was hilarious!

Amanda's flight was delayed so obviously we had to go to Dunkin Donuts! And obviously we needed to buy 4 donuts and then split them :) 

Amanda, I am so thankful that you came to rescue me! I am looking around my house right now and I know it would look nothing like this had you not come! The circus room would probably still be stressing me out! Thank you so very very very much! Love you!!!! 

The day after Amanda left Brian and I started a whole30. This is my 3rd one and Brian's 1st. We needed some serious detoxing after all the fast food of the road trip and all the donuts, iced coffee's, and ice cream we consumed with Amanda! Seriously I think I made maybe 3 real meals the whole time she was here.... horrible hostess... At least the Dunkin Donuts was yummy! 


 NOT whole30.... Nor Mom approved..... :) 

We got a new game called Snake Oil... It is so fun! 

A new shower curtain for the girls bathroom! 

I'm tracking my daily whole30 eats on Instagram again! (kandbdowhole30) 

Teaching Kenley Rummikub...

This month Kenley got her City Adventure Kiwi Crate. The crates just keep getting better and better! We LOVED this crate! 

That brings us pretty much up to date! 


Amy said...

That's a lot of painting! Wow.
I need a picture of the kitchen, is it the martha stewart color?

Amy said...

Please. A picture of the kitchen, please! I sound like a demanding monster. Haha!

Carol Blanchet said...

Awww, now that is what friends are for!
Love the wedding photos you hung.

Unknown said...

Wowza, you guys have been busy! It looks sooooo good!!!

Missing you tons already!