Our Washington Bedroom (and the 1 and only Bathroom)

Friday, April 4, 2014

I showed you the girls old bedroom a little bit ago so today I thought I would show you our old bedroom. The room is so tiny! When we moved in the walls were mint green and the window trim was all forest green... It was not a room that I wanted to be in and since our house was so tiny and our bedroom in the back and out of the way, it became a place for us to stash everything. About a year after living with it like that I decided that Brian and I needed a relaxing retreat rather than a junk drawer with a bed in it. 

Even though the room is teeny, once we had put some effort into the room I really loved it! It became a great little place to relax! 

The color on the walls is Martha Stewart Whetstone Gray #MSL258. I love the color so much that we painted our Craft/School room in NC this color.  

P.S. Yes, I know the windows are filthy... I'd spent all my time packing.. Window cleaning wasn't high on the priority list... Also Kenley had drawn Anna and Elsa on the middle window and it was too cute to clean. :)  

(My bracelets used to hang on that bar underneath my jewelry frame.. They got packed up first) 

About the same time that we redid our room, I recommitted to making the bed every day and making an effort to keep the dressers cleared off. It really is amazing what it does for my sanity when at least one room is tidy! 

Here is our Washington Bathroom! When we moved in all the fixtures were avocado green and the room had a Tinker Bell theme going on... We painted over those pale blues, pinks, and greens right away :) My Dad replaced the toilet, sink, and shower surround for us and used tub paint to paint our tub white! Thanks Dad! 

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