#WA2NC2014 also known as our Road Trip!

Monday, April 14, 2014

If you follow me on instagram (schoolhouseronk) then these pictures won't be new to you, but if not here is our road trip in pictures! Our trip is honestly all a blur! A typical road trip day looked like this:

Hotel Breakfast
On the Road
(Starbucks if I was REALLY lucky)
Rest Stop
Rest Stop
Take Selfies and text them to Amanda
Rest Stop
Swim in the Hotel Pool

Aaannnd Repeat... :) 

Wingers was so very yummy! I'm thankful there isn't one nearby! It was too good! 

It's a dinosaur :) (At our second Winger's stop of the trip)

Starbucks were few and far between through the middle states and that was a bummer.. One day I was really needing caffeine so I mixed a Starbucks Via Mocha packet into a water bottle. It was disgusting but I chugged it and felt better... Desperate times call for desperate measures! I don't recommend it! 

In Kentucky we hit freezing rain... 

Breakfast in Bed the last morning of the trip...

We made it! 

Kim and Ian had us over for Dinner! It was so wonderful to have a non-fast food meal and enjoy the company of friends after such a long trip! 

After dinner at Kim and Ian's we drove to the Goodfellow's house! We made it there at 11pm and then all of us finally went to sleep around 2 AM! 

What a trip! 

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kim said...

So glad you were able to stop by. Thinking about being in a car for hours and days on end is making want to time travel to WA. ;) If only. Hope you're settling in well.