Our last weekend in Washington

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Our last weekend in Washington was jam packed! I wouldn't have had it any other way! 

Thursday we headed down to Ballard and had lunch with my Grandpa, my Grandma Marcy, and my Aunt Kim. We had such a lovely lunch with them! 
(side note: for lunch Kim made homemade mac and cheese and meatballs with Trader Joe's Carolina Gold BBQ sauce... I have been thinking about those meatballs and that sauce ever since! I seriously need to make a Trader Joe's trip!!)

Grandpa gave the girls each a $10 bill. The girls were ecstatic! Claire ran up to me and said "Now I can buy money!!!" Haha, I don't think she gets it! Thank you Grandpa!! We love you!! 

How cute is Marcy and Kim's kitchen?! I was sneaky and took a picture :) Love you Ballard girls!! 

Saturday morning was Liam's 2nd Birthday Breakfast and Pajama Party! 

Amanda made a ton of macarons because she is amazing! 

 Happy Birthday Liam! We love you!!

Sunday after church a bunch of guys came over to help Brian load up the moving truck! So many people came that they had the truck loaded up super quickly! Thank you to everyone who came to help load up the truck!!! It was such a blessing! 

Sunday night, our church threw us a "Farewell Feast"! 

As with most Trinity parties... Amanda was behind most of the details! Isn't she great?!
She made me this awesome monogram sweatshirt! I love it! 

This is probably my favorite picture of us ever... I think I need to frame it for my craft room! 

Random people had possession of my camera at the party which means that I have tons of pictures of the people of TEC eating... Since I would like to remain in good standing with them I will not be posting them on this blog :) 

Barbara, Me, and Jolie

Me & Barbara 

Me, Barbara, and Amanda

I have no memory about what we were laughing at. I'm sure it was good though! 

Monday morning it was time to head out. The girls got to play on their swing set with Gramps one last time while Mommy ran around doing last minute stuff... 

Kenley got to give "her dog" last hugs. She has been assured that Gramps is taking great care of her :) 

Pulling away! 

Road trip pictures coming soon!