Cycle 1 and Pureflix Match-Up!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Hi Friends!
I want to share something really fun today! This past month we have been doing the 30 day free trial of a new-to-us video platform called PureFlix! I really like that this platform offers faith based kids shows that I can't stream from Netflix or Hulu. They also have a whole page dedicated to homeschool resources!

In our new house we do not have a TV so we rely on watching shows on our laptops. We prefer this because we watch so much less TV than we did before and we can be more intentional with our choices when we choose to watch something. The other day I surprised the girls and set up the their play stand as a snuggly movie nook...

That is Claire's serious movie face. If the music is even mildly thematic she gets a little stressed. Movie watching is serious business! Haha! 

Don't forget the popcorn! 

While browsing options on the homeschool page on, I had an idea to make a Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Match-up! Some weeks were harder to find something for than others! Some of these choices are a bit more than what my girls are ready for but they would be great for older students! 

Week 1- History: The 10 Commandments
Week 2- History: The 10 Commandments
Week 3- Timeline: Israelite Exodus and Desert Wandering- Moses
              Geography: Hebrew Empire- Nature of the Holy Land
Week 4- History: 7 Wonders- The Great Pyramids 
Week 5- Geography: Egyptian Empire- Egypt
              Science: Invertebrates- Metamorphosis: The Design and Beauty of Butterflies
Week 6- Science: Vertebrates- Creeping Things and Flight: The Genius of Birds
Week 7- History: Hinduism and Buddhism in India- India 
Week 8- Timeline: Augustine of Hippo- Catholic Heroes of the Faith: Augustine
Week 9- Geography: China- The Peoples Republic of China
Week 10- Timeline: East West Schism of the Church: Christian Story
Week 11- Geography: Byzantine Empire- The Travel Guy: Rome and Amalfi  and Athens, Greece
                Geography: Byzantine Empire- Drive Thru History: Ancient 
Week 12- Timeline: Marco Polo's Journey to China- Famous Explorers 
Week 13- Science: Geosphere- Awesome Science 
                Science: Geosphere- Xploration Awesome Planet 
Week 14- Timeline: Protestant Reformation- Martin! God Loves You
Week 15- Timeline: First Great Awakening- Great Awakening 
                 Timeline: Jamestown and Plymouth Colony Founded: Drive Thru History: America
Week 16- Science: Kinds of Volcanos: Fire Mountain: The Eruption and Rebirth of Mt. St. Helens
Week 17- Geography: Madagascar- Madagascar 
Week 18- Timeline: Darwin Published the Origin of Species- Evolution vs. God
                Science: Ocean Floor- Xploration Awesome Planet: Ocean Exploration
Week 19- Science: Ocean Zones- Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin
Week 20- Timeline: Billy Graham- Gathering of Souls: The Billy Graham Crusades
Week 21- Timeline: WW2- Corrie Ten Boom: A Faith Undefeated
Week 22- Timeline: M.L.K Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement-
                 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr: A Historical Perspective 
                 Science: Weather Fronts- Xploration Awesome Planet: Extreme Weather
Week 23- Geography: South America (East)- Amazon: Secrets of the Golden River
                 Science: Clouds- Clouds
Week 24- The Presidents- The Presidents: From Politics to Power

Math Weeks 1-9: Learn Your Times Table

I have a dream of taking the girls backpacking in Europe after our last time through Cycle 2 (in 2023 😲) so we want to start learning a bit of French! Everyday Language Series: French 

There are so many options for Science! 

PureFlix isn't just for kids! They have lots of movies including October Baby and Beyond the Mask! Beyond the Mask was made by a team of 400 homeschoolers! Check out Robert Bortins (CC's CEO) review of the movie! 

*Please note: It's summer and we are looking forward to Cycle 1 and not currently in it yet, so I have not previewed each of these movies. Please be sure to check that they meet your families entertainment standards and your childrens age appropriateness before watching anything from this list! Some of the videos that I selected are a bit above my girls level. 

You can try for free for 30 days! 


turtlechaser said...

Thank you so much! I have Pureflix but have barely used it yet and had no clue it had all these things to coincide with CC! Thank you for sharing this!

Keri Ronk said...

You are welcome! I hope you enjoy!