Work Week

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Brian took leave this past week to get some projects done around the house. It feels like we have gotten a ton accomplished but I still do not have any "after" pictures for you :(.

I finished painting our master bathroom this morning which means that we have officially painted over every room in our house. This week we have gone through 6 cans of spray paint and I don't even know how many gallons of normal paint... Our projects for the week were:

Master Bathroom Makeover:
-Paint Walls
-Tile Floor
-New Toilet Paper Holder
-New Towel Rod
-Change out Cabinet

Laundry Room Makeover:
-Paint Walls
-Paint Cabinets
-Tile Floor
-Paint Electrical Box
-New Decor/Better Laundry Detergent Containers

Furniture and Misc. Projects:
- All new doorknobs and hinges for the whole house.....
(It is sickening to go to Lowes and spend almost $300 on doorknobs! Especially for a house that we will only live in for 5 more months! Thank goodness for military discount!)
-Adding moulding to banister area
-Painting new dining table
-Painting coffee table
-Painting high chair

I am so glad that Brian fixed the paint sprayer so that we could finally do these furniture projects! It has been one crazy week! We are tired and we still need to put the finishing touches on all of these projects! Hopefully we will be have some great "after" pictures for you later this week!

We have decided that we do not like having this many projects going on at once!


Sandy said...

Busy, busy, can't wait to see the "afters"!

Melissa said...

Do you ever wonder why we wait to do all of these things until we are leaving?

Jacki said...

It will probably take us a year to do what you both did. Can't wait to see pics. I would love to learn how to tile.