Banister Before and After

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

With all these projects going on I think it is about time for some before and after pictures! I will show you the before and after of the laundry room tomorrow!

Inspired by the banisters at church we decided to add wood and moulding to our half wall/ bar area to give it a finished look. We are in love with the results!


It also helps that the piano now resides at a storage facility down the street so we get to see the full impact of the moulding and enjoy more space!

What do you think??


Jacki said...

It's nice! I wish I know how to do mouldings too! And oh, what's the paint color of your kitchen?

Christy said...

I think it looks great!

KMom said...

Awesome! Can't wait for you to bring your creativity Home :)

Joy said...

It looks good! I was wondering where your piano went! You already put it in storage??

Anonymous said...

I love that you can see Kenley chillin' in the background of the last one...definately a highlight of the after photos :)

Elizabeth C.

Sandy said...

I was wondering where the piano was and then you answered my question! The molding looks great, too.

Let's see the coffee table before and after!!

Jenny said...

I LOVE it! I also have to tell you that I caved and made your Burnt Peanut Butter frosting, but I made box brownies (because I didn't have cocoa to make the cake) and put the frosting on top of that and WOW!! It was a huge hit. I can't wait to make it again for Jim so that I don't have to eat all the leftovers myself, or should I say "get to" :) We had Bible study last night so I had a reason to share and not make it to eat it all myself :)