Organic Coupons

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just thought I would share this link with tons of links to organic coupons!

We have been eating more organic foods recently and yes, it is more expensive but there are tons of coupons online that really help make up the price difference!

Often times you can just google for coupons and find tons of them!

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Emily said...

Love coupons, and love finding organic coupons! Thanks for the links. I feel like such a blog stalker, i've been following your blog since August and have never once said hello. You were actually the reason I started a blog :) Right after your beautiful little Kenley was born Ashley (Sherman) was showing me pictures of her on here, so I decided to start one myself. I love reading about all the creative things you do, I wish I had that talent! I also love watching Kenley and seeing her montly updates. I have been keeping her in my prayers with her weight as well.
I guess now i'm not a blog stalker anymore :)