9 Months Old!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Our little bug is 9 months! Right now she loves to wave at everyone and everything, especially Sadie. She isn't crawling yet but she can roll around a room like no ones business! We are still swaddling her at night! Its crazy! We plan to break her of it soon so that we aren't swaddling our kindergartner! She has gotten pretty consistent about sleeping through the night and now most mornings when I come in to get her, she is on her belly playing with all of her pacis. She takes a sippy cup now and loves to drink water! She loves Earths Best teething biscuits! She just tried cheese for the first time yesterday and loved it too! We had our first choking scare today with a piece of melon that she was sucking on... It scared us to death! Thankfully we got the piece out in time and everything was okay!

We went in for a weight check this afternoon and she weighed 13lbs 4.7 ounces. The doctor printed me off her growth percentage charts and they are pretty pitiful! She is 0% for weight 12% for height and 34% for head circ.

We went on a fun little picnic yesterday with Becky, Makayla, Carter, and Kaitlyn. Carter had fun trying to help her drink from her sippy cup. Kenley then tried to steal Carter's banana. Such a lady :)
She got to go on the swings for the first time! It is so much fun being her Mom! I love watching her experience each new thing and have fun doing such big kid stuff!


Sandy said...

So sorry I didn't get to see Kenley Wed. night! Boo. But I see she's wearing the bib I made for her! Yay!

Happy 9 mos. Kenley!

Amy said...

Cute cute cute! I adore Miss Kenley! She's such a big girl!

Emily said...

Her eyes stand out beautifully in that dress :)

Liz said...

I remember commenting awhile back about Kenley's weight and telling you that she looks like my Lexi. I took Lex for her first check-up in almost a year (insurance problems, don't ask)and she weighs 20.5 lbs and she's 16 months. That put her in the 15th percentile for weight. My other three were always above 50%. And I can't even say it's because her Mama is little! So I guess i was telling the truth when I said they look about the same. They're both sweet little peanuts. :)