Laundry Room

Friday, April 16, 2010

Finally! Pictures of the laundry room! I am not quite done accessorizing the cabinets and I haven't executed a new storage system for my homemade laundry soap yet but I told you I would show you 2 days ago so I wont hold out on you any longer!



The wall paint color is Oatbran by Valspar. We had a lot of paint leftover when we painted the main living area so we decided to use it up in here and in the Master Bathroom.

The cabinet paint color is Courtyard Tan by Valspar. We got the can as a $5 mistint and it turned out to be the perfect creamy white. I love it! So much better than the Ralph Lauren Almafi Navy color I had on the cabinets before!

In the back of the cabinets my wonderful mother-in-law helped me to put up beadboard wallpaper.

Here she is in measuring action:
Once the wallpaper was up and dry I gave it 2 coats of the Oatbran. Now that it is done I wish that I wouldn't have painted it because it is really hard to tell that it is beadboard. I was really pleased with how easy the beadboard wallpaper was to cut and put up. I cant wait to find another project to use it on!

I bought a new ironing board cover from Wally World. About time right! Sorry for the gross-ness of the one in the before picture!

I wrote the recipe for my homemade laundry soap on the electrical box. I don't know if you noticed when I first posted the project but I had spelled laundry wrong. I was looking at it yesterday and thought "hmmm...that looks odd".... duh I had written Laindry haha

Here is a shot of the tile work that my hunky husband did! We decided to go with the cheapest tile they had at Lowes so that we could spend a little bit more on the tile for the master bathroom. I wasn't so sure about the color when we bought it but now that it is in I actually really love it!
I love how the laundry room looks now! The colors are totally my style! I told Brian that I think these colors would look great for a kitchen... maybe next house??? :)


Jacki said...

Very nice Keri! I can't believe you accomplished a lot fixing up your house in so little time.

KMom said...

Looks very nice, great job. When you were an infant I used to put you in your 'bucket' car seat while the dryer was going and set you on top, worked everytime like a car ride. for you to fall asleep and take a nap :)

Jenny said...


Sandy said...

Looks great Keri!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Love it! Esp. love the beadboard wallpaper and the jars with chalkboard labels. So cute!

And, would you believe it? I just finished a makeover project with beadboard wallpaper!! (and by finished I mean, it's almost finished. Maybe sometime soon it will be finished.) I loved the stuff. Can't wai tto use it again.