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Sunday, April 25, 2010

{Totally random picture of us 5 years ago yesterday}

Recently we have been putting lots of work into our house in hopes that it would sell quickly once we put it on the real estate market. However, all of our house selling hopes came crashing down a week or so ago when we interviewed a few potential Realtors. The Realtors each informed us that the price that we needed to sell our house at to break even would be near impossible to get in this economy. BUMMER!!

So it looks like we will be putting our house up for rent. Which leads to the fact that we will not be able to buy a house in Washington. I was pretty disappointed at first because at the time I was DAILY looking at the bank owned properties lists that my Dad emails out to his clients. I had big hopes for what our next house would be like and what projects we would tackle to make it our own.

God has been far to gracious to me and has completely given me peace about the fact that we will be moving in with my parents for the time being. It is a great opportunity for us to finish paying off our debt and to help us save lots of money.

Brian and I have been talking recently about how we sometimes think that God has done something for such and such reason and then it turns out that God orchestrated it to be something completely different and MUCH better than we had even thought. God's Will is PERFECT! Mine is totally not!

At first when Brian got accepted to MECEP we thought that it was just so we could go back 'home', but now I definitely feel that HE is sending us back to witness to our families! Moving to North Carolina has definitely strengthened our faith and I feel that we are mature enough now to really reach our lost family members!


Sandy said...

When I saw that picture of you and Brian I thought, "I've never seen Brian with hair!" and then I guess he doesn't have to cut it for some moving/going to school/something reason". Now I see it's an old picture!
Anyway,it's so good to see how God is working in peoples lives, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...


Is that picture from a Sunday night service?


Keri Ronk said...

Yes Ebo! I think we were trying to get pictures of the canary in the background.... Lol.... Do you remember that?

KMom said...

And I'm hoping your new recipes etc. :) can't wait to have you guys here! X O