Chalkboard Project #2

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I need to start out this post by saying that I have no idea if this breaks any city codes or is a big no-no or anything like that. So if you do this project and then you get in trouble please don't blame me :).

Our laundry room makeover is still scooting along, I think that it will be 100% finished by the end of this week! I already showed you my chalkboard containers that will be sitting in the cabinets. I felt like I needed something else chalkboard in the room to tie it all together. Then it hit me... Chalkboard Electrical Panel!
Once I removed the panel from the wall I gave it a good sand and then coated it with many coats of Chalkboard spray paint. Since this electrical panel had been painted many times the surface it still pretty uneven so I have found that the Chalk Ink pens work best! I bought mine at Michaels (In the scrap booking section) with a 50% off coupon!

I love this little addition to the blank wall in our laundry room!


Unknown said...

Looks good, How about a picture frame around it? Love GT

Kimmy said...

Who cares if it breaks some sort of city ordiance, at least it's pleasing to the eye now! Haha :) Great job, it turned out really cute!

bean said...

that is so awesome, i love it! i want that in my garage! you are clever clever. now someone will buy your house for way more than they should. :)

Sandy said...

Love it Keri! I agree with Tim, a frame would really finish it out.

Ashley said...

That is honestly a great idea! love it! Oh an ps. I LOVE your jars with the chalkboard paint on them!

KMom said...

O K, this is wrong, that the chalk board got more comments than that cute little baby just below! But the chalk board panel is very clever I must admit :) and I liked the jars too X O