Brian's January Goals

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Check this out:

I'm posting on a blog AND Keri is not in the hospital. This is a first.

As most of you know, my lovely bride is an amazing woman. She does so much and there has been a huge difference since she started doing her monthly goals, so here I am, posting mine in hopes that it holds me accountable to become a better Christian, husband, father, and an overall man.

Pushups every night. I learned this program from Coach Ruhlman. Multiply the month x10, then add the day. For instance: January 22nd is (1x10=10)+22 = 32 pushups. June 18th is (6x10=60)+18 = 72. Get the idea? In one year, this will take you from 11 on Jan 1. to 152 on Dec 31.
Run 32 miles
Bike 100 miles
Read/study 1 Timothy daily
Date with wife
Date with Kenley
Date with Claire
No fast food
No pop

We'll see how this goes.


Emma said...

Go Brian!

Joy said...

The Armstrong Pull-up Program is awesome. After doing it for 3 months, I could do 20 pullups with flak jacket on, both underhanded and overhanded. It really works! Don't forget the pushups though, cause they are crucial to your lats and triceps.


You motivate me. RE-ENLIST!

Brian said...

Yeah, I did the Armstrong Pull-up program about 3 years ago when I could only get about 3 overhand pull-ups (I was maxing out around 15 underhand, just super weak underhand). Within 2-3 months I was able to pump out 20 overhand no problem. Since then, I've been doing pull-ups approximately twice a year, so I've dropped down to only doing about 15 again. Time to get back up to 20.