December Goals Recap

Monday, January 2, 2012

Its Recap time! I really sucked at my December goals. Brian was out of classes from the 15th on and it really threw off my goals. Don't get me wrong, I love having him home, but when he is home I am not productive at all. Pretty much any goal that has to do with cleanliness was a fail.

December Goals
- Read the book of 2 Timothy every day. Success!
- Only keep 1 water glass on nightstand. Fail.. I had a relapse :)
- Keep making the bed. Fail... But I think there should be a rule about the last person out of the bed having to make the bed...
- A load of laundry everyday except Sunday... Yikes this one got away from me.
- Keep cleaning the juicer after I use it... Again cleanliness was a fail
- Go to the Children's Museum. Yay!
- Have Claire's birthday invites sent out by December 5th... I was a few days late
- Throw an awesome 1st birthday party for sweet Claire. Success! Check out the recap!
- Celebrate Brian's 25th birthday! I guess this was a success? We just went thrift shopping and out to the Woodfire grill. He says he doesn't really care about his birthday and wouldn't even let me make a cake! This clip on Ron Swanson is how he feels about birthdays :)
- Be mindful about the meaning of Christmas
- 10 man-style push-ups a day... Yeah this was a fail... I only lasted a week before Christmas craziness got the best of me.
- Clean Kenley's ball pit and outdoor toys.... Total Fail...

I intend to kick some January butt! I'm not really one for New Years Resolutions because I work much better with a month to month goals list instead. My one resolution for the whole year though is to run at least once a week! My new favorite phrase that I keep repeating to myself is... STAY ON TOP OF IT! This applies to everything, Bible reading, Laundry, Dishes, Exercise, Healthy Eating, etc.

Keri's January Goals
- Read the book of Titus everyday
- Run once a week
- Run 32 miles
- Bike 100 miles
- 3 trips to the Children's Museum
- Keep up with the Laundry. I'm not saying everyday since we will be house sitting for part of the month so I'm not sure what our schedule will look like.
- Keep juicing and cleaning juicer
- Run the Freeze Yer Buns 5k
- Turn the lights off in rooms when I am not using them, basically be more mindful of power usage. Our electric bill is super high and we could definitely do a better job conserving energy.
- Monthly life planning meeting/date with the Husband
- No Starbucks unless it is on a date with the Husband or a friend.
- No fast food
- Get back to using the Allocated Spending Plan. 2011 was a year of buying stuff. I want 2012 to be a year of building our savings!
- Break Kenley of the paci.... My most terrifying goal. I'm nervous just thinking about it. She will be 2.5 on January 30th and I would like to have her be paci free by then... I think..... eeeek

What are your goals for January?


Emily said...

You are a busy mommy. I just took Brooklyn's paci and she was without it for 3.5 weeks and she got sick and would not stop crying about it so I found one that I did not trash and she had it for a few days. Now that she is better no paci it was hard but she is fine. Now to potty training....

Carol Blanchet said...

I love reading your goals. You are an inspiration! I think it's neat that you do them monthly - they are more bite-sized that way and more encouraging too since you can see your successes more easily! Thanks for sharing so candidly. Happy 2012.

DomesticallySeasoned said...

Great goals! I totally need to cut back on the Coffee splurge too. I try to save it for special times. But it taste so damn good.

twooten said...

I was terrified of weaning Zac from his paci too. It helped me to have a plan and take small steps. He only used it to fall asleep so I was worried he wouldn't sleep as well. It didn't seem to have any effect on his sleep though! One trick I used was to cut a small hole in the middle of it, rendering it useless. I still gave it to him, but he rejected it himself. Good luck!