DVD Workouts

Thursday, January 5, 2012

With my gym's classes being cancelled for the last two weeks of December I thought it would be a great time to try out a few of my new workout DVD's.

{Random side note... Every time Kenley sees this DVD she points to it and says Auntie Amy :) I think its the hair?!}

Brian did this workout with me and we were both super sore for days afterward. It is intense! I would describe it as the 30 day shred level 6. If you are familiar with the 30 day shred then that will mean something to you :). I definitely would like to incorporate doing this DVD more since it really targets the abs and the triceps which are definitely 2 of my trouble zones!

The second DVD that I tried was The Biggest Loser workout 2. I am a big fan of The Biggest Loser but this DVD seemed a bit like it was done on a spur of the moment or something. At first I thought this workout was kind of a joke because the moves seemed really easy to me but I actually worked up quite a sweat and my legs were super sore the next day. This DVD would definitely be a great introduction workout for someone who is just getting into exercising. There is a recipes section in the bonus features {shamelessly sponsored by Jennie-O} and some of the recipes actually looked like they might be really good with just a few tweaks... like leaving out the Jennie-O :)!

Have you tried any new workout DVD's lately? Do you even like working out to DVD's?

I really loved doing the 30 day shred while Brian was away this summer. It is much harder to pop in a DVD now that Brian is home. If I do, he either has to do it with me or stay out of the room! I get so self conscious if he sees me doing a video!


Kelly said...

I LOVE the "No More Trouble Zones" workout. Circuit training is my favorite and it really kicks my butt! Without impact to hurt my knees :)

Emma said...

HAHA I feel the same way about the presence of my husband and workout DVDs! And I'm not sure if it was the same BL DVD but I rented one from the library in VA and it totally wasn't worth it. I agree that it's for beginners to exercising. When I'm just walking in place I don't need them telling me to keep going and not sit down on the couch...but that's just me.