Random iPhone Pictures!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's that time again! The time were I post a bunch of random pictures that have collected on my phone from the past week or so! I know that you are just dying to see what we have been up to! :) 


 Parents Magazine offers some great tips... 

 Here I'll zoom in for you... Yep! Just add sugar to their vegetables!  No wonder this country is overrun with ADHD!! 

The following picture is super freaky. Claire's reflection looks just like Kenley when she was Claire's age. It's like looking at the girls side by side..... freaky! 

To Great Grandmother's house we went....

Great Grandma really loved this rare moment where Claire snuggled with her. Usually Claire just cries every time Grandma tries to hold her. We're working on it :) 


Goodfellows said...

thee make me just want to hug those baby girls so bad! :-( love the pigtails and Claire's reflection definitely resembles Kenley!

Jenny said...

I agree with you on the Parents magazine thing, there have been so many articles in those things that I just cannot stand! Grrr. I agree with the reflection picture of Claire, I actually thought it was Kenley at first glance. They are both too cute. Makes me miss you all so much! And by the way, I enjoyed your post about groceries, I too wish we had some better shopping center choices here, but maybe one day!