"You gotta Reduce, Reuse, Recycle..."

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Did my post title get that song stuck in anyone else's head? It's certainly stuck in mine now! 

I have been on a major de-cluttering/preparing for a garage sale kick lately. The latest area to be attacked was the random bottom drawer of my dresser that held: scrapbook stuff, nail polish, winter gloves, my wedding shoes, the shoes I wore in Jenae's wedding, some very important paper work that I thought was lost during the move, and countless other random things that were needing to find a permanent residence. It is now cleaned out and everything has found its proper place! 

We have very few square feet to work with here and organized storage is key for maintaining my contentment while we are living in this small space. {Prayer is also key}.

 The top of my dresser is a hot spot area that always seems to get instantly covered with clutter... This doesn't make for the most relaxing bedroom! Our bedroom tends to be the dumping ground for everything since it is at the back of the house and I really want to get away from doing that and make having a relaxing bedroom more of a priority. 

I had this fruit basket storage thing in our kitchen that I had stolen from my Mom last year. For whatever reason I felt like it made my produce ripen a little too fast so it wasn't all that useful anymore. I really don't know what made me think of it but all of a sudden I knew that the fruit basket would be a great place to hold all of my hair, make-up, and nail stuff! So far I love it! It is so nice having the three separate baskets so that I don't have to dig to find what I am looking for! It also clears off my dresser since the storage is all vertical! 

My second reuse also was a light bulb moment! I had this necklace that I bought when we went on a cruise during high school. A big shell necklace isn't something that really ties in with my style anymore so I never wore it but always loved the turquoise color. 

It donned on me that the shell was just looped through the necklace and could easily be removed! Now I have a cute simple turquoise necklace that I have already worn a bunch of times! 

What is the latest thing that you have reused in an unexpected way? 


Amy said...

I totally remember you wearing that necklace! Awesome.

Pinterest kills me for this "reuse/recycle" thing. I see all these great websites for turning plastic food jars into kid's toys, shoe boxes into wall art, leftover veggies into new starts - so it feels like I should keep everything just in case. But then you also hear "declutter/don't save anything you aren't currently using/blah blah blah". It's confusing!

Don't know what the point of that was, love the post! :)

Keri Ronk said...

I did try the green onion regrowing thing from Pinterest and that totally works! I only use green onions like once a year though so now they are just growing uncontrollably by my window. :)

Amy said...

That's so funny! I did the same thing but realized I'd rather pay the .50 twice a year! :)