April Recap and May Goals

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This is a quickie recap because I am about to head out to pick up my sister from WSU! Yikes.. I am a little nervous for the 5ish hour drive but I have plenty of Nancy Wilson audio to listen to!

April Goals
- Read through Psalms.. Success! I really enjoyed Psalms! Its hard to read it and not get songs stuck in your head! 
- Get back to running/half marathon training.. Fail.. Spraining my ankle on Easter really put me out of this one. I still can't point my toes downward and my ankle really hurts if I turn it certain angles. 
- Get back on track with healthy eats.. I don't really know how to gauge this one...  
- Juice everyday!!!!! Fail :( With transitioning from house sitting to home there was a day or two where we literally had nothing to juice. 
- Paint the bathroom.. Success! My year of procrastinating is finally over! 
- Stay on top of laundry... Fail... I got behind one day and still haven't caught up. 
- Start sorting stuff for a garage sale in May... Fail. Totally forgot about this. 
- Go to the Children's Museum twice.. Success! We renewed our membership this month to so we are good to go for another year! Who wants to go with us?
- Go to the library for story time... Fail. Totally forgot about this
- Go to a park... Success! We actually made it to 2 parks! 
- Go on 2 walks... Fail... Blaming the ankle. 
- Get the ball rolling with changing the kitchen back splash.... Totally forgot about this. 

Wow.. I failed on a bunch of goals because I forgot about them! I think I should probably start printing out my goals and posting them somewhere around the house so that I remember them!!

May Goals
(This month's goals list is super short since the first one is a big deal)

- Wheat Free Month. Yikes. I had some allergy testing done this past month and it showed that I am allergic to bananas and have a mild wheat allergy. Before I give up my beloved breads for good, I thought it would be a good idea to test it for a month and see if I really notice a difference in how I feel. (BTW, I am not allergic to peanuts as I had thought! It was the bananas since I always ate my peanut butter on bananas... Weird!)
- The Color Run!! Even if I have to crawl the whole thing, I am doing it! I plan to try to walk/jog depending on how my ankle feels.
- Two trips to the Children's Museum
- Keep up with laundry, dishes, making the bed, etc.


Emma said...

I actually want to buy a white board to hang in my kitchen where I list my daily, weekly, and monthly goals, because I hate when I fail simply because I forgot about it too!

Carol Blanchet said...

You should visit this website.
comfybelly.com She has a son with Crohn's and has tons of recipes that are gf.
Did you know that wheat free is different from gluten free?
You might be able to tolerate spelt and Kamut if your issue isn't gluten.
:-) BTW - Love your blog!

Keri Ronk said...

Carol, Yes I know that Wheat free is different from Gluten free.... But I thought that Kamut and Spelt where wheat?