Eat Your Vegetables!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

If you have 18 free minutes today, I suggest that you watch this video!

(Obviously, I disagree with the "millions of years" part but other than that I think that she is spot on!) 


Emily said...

Love it!! The only thing I don't agree with though is the eating meat every day. I still think a few times a week is better due to it being a dead animal rotting in your gut ha.
So moving though, this is why my health and Frank's health is so important to me.
Good find Keri :]

Keri Ronk said...

Emily- I totally agree with you on the not needing to eat meat everyday thing! I just really agreed with what she said about using local sourced grassfed organic meats.

I am actually really struggling with the thought of adding meats back into my (our) diet... It is so hard because there is so much conflicting information! (forks over knives vs. paleo)

For now I am just going to try to get those 9 servings of vegetables in so that I can get all those minerals in!

Jenny said...

Hey Ladies, I should probably actually watch this video before I comment, (I will watch I promise), but just 'food' for thought (no pun intended), Genesis 9:3 says, "Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat (food) for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things." I definitely believe in being stewards of the bodies God has given us and that means MORE veggies and healthier food choices. I have to add that I have been juicing everyday (thanks Keri & Melissa G too)and I have seen & felt the benefits. I do also know that if God intended for us to eat meat that He would do so for our good as well. I know that meats today hold a ton lot of other stewardship issues, but I just wanted to say. Yay for meat too.(Even if it isn't everyday) Thanks for all your insight and for sharing your great finds!

Keri Ronk said...

Jenny, Did you watch yet? Dr. Wahl is definitely in support of eating meat. It just has to be clean organic grass-fed properly raised meat.

In the New Testament God also declared all things clean to Peter in Acts 10. Before that though pigs were considered unclean so eating bacon or pork would have definitely been a no no, as would crab or lobster and a host of other things.

The Bible does say that God has given us all things to eat. However, does that mean that all things are the best option for us to eat health wise? I don't think so.

Growing up as a vegetarian I really never developed a palate that enjoys meat. Even without thinking about the fact that it was once an animal the flavor and texture usually grosses me out!

I definitely do not have all the answers nor do I think that there is one way of eating that is "the perfect way" for everyone to eat. I really think that each person has a different set of nutritional needs that would require eating different foods so that those specific nutritional needs can be met.


Jenny said...

Ok, I finally watched it. Very, very interesting and has obvious results in her life. I do agree with you and not everyone's diet should look exactly like another's. I also wanted to mention that before the fall of man, there was no death, so of course that would mean no eating of meat. Also interesting if we want to go as far as to say that perhaps NOT eating meat was God's original, perfect plan. As he says that that every herb bearing seed, tree, fruit etc was for food.(Genesis 1:29-30). I have been more interested lately in being sure that my family gets all the vitamins, nutrients, & minerals that we need as well as looking for natural remedies for ailments, etc. The main thing I totally disagreed with her on was the "millions of years" thing. I just don't understand how people can believe in evolution even after coming to some kind of understand of the complexity of our bodies and how everything has to be just perfect in order for things to run well. Mitochondria alone screams of the Creator! Anyway, great video, great info and thanks for sharing! My next "challenge" is how to incorporate it all into my children's diets. Time for me to get creative.