There and Back

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tuesday I headed across the state to pick my sister, a.k.a. the almost live in babysitter, up from WSU for the summer. It is about a 5.5 hour drive over there and I was pretty nervous to do it all by myself since I despise driving but it wasn't so bad! It helped that I had great stuff to listen to! I was able to listen to the entire Praise Her in the Gate audio book and 3/4 of the Mothers and Daughters study. Both were very edifying! 
I told Brian later that I felt like I went on my own private Mother's retreat. Listening to the audio definitely refreshed me and made me even more excited that I get to be Kenley and Claire's Mommy! 
This sign at one of the rest stops made me laugh! They were plastered EVERYwhere!

 This sign is very deceiving because it makes you think that you are really close to the college. But no... you are still 2.5 hours away. Mean.
This porta-potty was the most blessed porta-potty I have EVER seen! I really really really had to pee so I pulled into this random town that was completely deserted and there was no gas station or store to be found. I was super close to having to pee outside which I do not do. Then finally as I was driving out of the creepy ghost town I saw it by a building that looked like it had some construction going on. Seriously I have never in my life been so happy to see a porta-potty!
I finally arrived at WSU, hugged my sister, ate some dinner with her friends, and snuggled with Marley the bunny. It's quite a long story about Marley but the short story is my sister bought him, my Dad told her to get rid of him, and we found him a new home. :) 

That night we skyped with my babies and my man. I have never been away from them for a reason other than hospitalization so it was very weird to be without them! That little corner of the screen that shows Kimbe and I together is the only picture that we have of us from the trip. I have 758 pictures of Marley on my phone though :) 

We woke up to a ticket on my car. Ugh! Thankfully I was able to get out of it because I was a visitor. I made sure not to bring Kimberly with me to Parking Services because I hear she has a reputation there...

For Breakfast (at noon) we headed to a local restaurant that had fresh squeezed OJ and a gluten free menu! I ordered the buckwheat pancakes and they were surprisingly yummy! 
While we were loading up the car I got another ticket.... Yeah I was super annoyed. The parking meter people are on top of things. Thankfully they waived it once again because I was a visitor. 
 I would have killed her if I had to ride the whole way home with a bunny on my lap. Thankfully she was able to find Marley a home with one of her sorority sisters sister!
As my reward for cleaning her room {and vacuuming up tons of bunny poop} while she took her last final she treated me to ice cream and cheese curds. I was super excited until I got to the car and realized that I couldn't eat the cone! The chocolate peanut butter swirl ice cream was super yummy though! 
  And finally we were headed home! We actually made great time! I'm certain the reason for that was my lack of driving :).... We played rock, paper, scissors and I lost so we had to listen to music the whole ride home rather than more audio books.... She said that I am weird. 
 I got this text from Brian on the drive back. Awesome!  
It is so great to be home with my super cool little family! They are the best! 

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Unknown said...

Awww! I'm so glad you had a fun - and somewhat eventful - journey! I want to get those audiobooks so bad.