The Color Run 2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Color Run today was so much fun! Everyone starts out wearing bright white and then at every kilometer you get sprayed with a different color of powder by the end everyone is a hot mess of color. It's awesome! Getting sprayed with color at every kilometer made the run go by so fast too! I couldn't even believe it when we reached the finish line! 

The best part was that I was actually able to run it! And.... my ankle held up pretty well! It helped that the color stations were pretty backed up so we were able to get little walk breaks through those. I did have to walk up the hill because it was a bit tough on my ankle but other than that I was able to run! It felt so good to be back to running! I am totally pumped up to start my half marathon training now! 

Prepare to see a bunch of pictures.... :)

Epic Fail of a jumping picture.....

 Happy Mother's Day Mom!! 

 I can't wait for next years Color Run!!! 

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KMom said...

Great post! Thank you so much for organizing this. Best Mother's Day ever and I can't wait for the next Color Run too!