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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Since we have been home a lot recently I have been on a bit of a crafting kick. I haven't really done many projects since Claire has been born so it has been fun to be back to crafting!  

My Sister's birthday was last week so I made her a glittered Starbucks cup! I used Krylon Glitter Blast Spray Paint which is a total pain, because of the glitter the cans get clogged almost immediately. I had to make 2 trips to Michael's to return the faulty cans before I got 1 good can to finish the project. A total pain, but I really love the finished cup! 

I am in love with all of the printables from ForChicSake.com! I printed some iPhone Charger wraps for myself and for my sister. Since I can't use my beloved purple iPhone charger, I love that I can now have a fun non-knock-off charger! 

I just love monograms and want to monogram everything, It is good I don't have an embroidery machine because I would honestly monogram everything. I REALLY want monogrammed bedding for Christmas. 

I have been using my Silhouette machine a lot lately for our little preschool and my cutting mats had lost their stickiness. I saw an idea on pinterest of spraying the mats with Krylon Easy-Tack to make them sticky again. This is a great idea... UNLESS you lack common sense like I do. 

I carefully taped off the edges of my mats with painters tape and then I took the mats outside, sprayed them, and left them to dry. The leaving them outside to dry part was my mistake! My mats were COVERED in little tiny aphids. It was so annoying... I spent an entire afternoon naptime picking bugs off of my cutting mats with tweezers. DUMB! If you do this, bring them inside to dry!!! 

I can't take any credit for this next project but I am so excited that it is finally finished! I have been looking forward to the girls room looking like this since we brought Claire home from the hospital and moved Kenley into her big girl bed! 

Claire's big girl bed is finished! Super special thanks to our Dad's and Brian for making this happen! The beds are based on this tutorial but we added the headboard and changed the dimensions a bit! We made them so that I can easily store stuff under their beds too which is awesome! Now that Claire's bed is in the room I have double the storage space! 

I have also been busy making some presents for Kenley's best friend Gracen. Her birthday is in November so they are top secret until then! 

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twooten said...

Love the girls' room! I can't wait for this moment with my boys too....so funny!