Yesterday & Today

Friday, October 12, 2012

Yesterday, the girls let me sleep in! It was awesome! When I checked the cam to see what they were up to, I saw Kenley in Claire's bed and they were giving each other sweet hugs. What a perfect wake-up for a Mama! 

This tonsil thing has really been kicking my butt. I have been pretty miserable the last few days, swallowing is awful and I am so hungry for real food! 

I knew that we would have a whole day at home yesterday so I had a few tricks planned up my sleeve to occupy the girls. They have been watching way way way way too many movies lately and I really want to break out of that habit!

Occupy Girls Idea #1... Threading cereal on pipe cleaners. I thought that Kenley would spend more time on this one but she wasn't that into it, probably because Claire just kept eating the cereal so then Kenley wanted to eat the cereal so that Claire wouldn't get it all. 

Hoping homemade hot cocoa would soothe the throat. It didn't, I barely made it through a sip.

Occupy Girls Idea #2... "Hey! Lets color this box so it can be a zoo for all of your animals!" 

This one actually lasted a while. I may never throw a box away before it has been colored on again! 

Occupy Girls Idea #3... A princess movie with homemade popcorn. It was only 11 and I was already so desperate for some chill time... 

Do this: Throw some popcorn kernels in a paper bag, drizzle with a tiny bit of olive oil, shake, fold up open end of bag, microwave for 1 minute 25 seconds. Add butter and parmesan cheese. Serve to your people. 

When CLo went down for her nap, Kenley was able to do Occupy Girls Idea #4... A little halloween princess paint kit from The Dollar Tree. 

She loved it!

I really needed to catch up on some very neglected laundry so while our sheets were in the wash, I let Kenley have some jumping on the bed time in hopes of wearing her out a bit. 

So that was yesterday. 

Today was a bit better! I didn't feel the need to take any of my oxycodone and I was able to eat semi-solid foods! Yay me! We got out of the house for a bit to the library for toddler time and to run errands since I was able to drive and I think that really helped with my spirits!  

{I was able to eat some soft scrambled eggs with velvetta and some Taco Bell pintos and cheese! My eating habits have looked horrible since my tonsils have been removed... My former healthy self is really disappointed in the amount of junk that is getting into my body! I would estimate that I have eaten more processed foods (probably all I have eaten has been processed foods) in this past week than in almost the entire time we have lived in Washington. Yikes. Oh well! One day I will feel good enough for healthy food again! I just know it!} 

When we got home from our errands, Kenley and I did a little craft while Claire napped. I halved this homemade puffy paint recipe and let Kenley go to town with it! 


I really love that Kenley is getting old enough to do crafts and artsy stuff now! 

So that is what we have been up too! I also did a few Pinterest crafts tonight while Brian and I watched The Avengers. I can't share the pictures yet though since they are birthday gifts! 

Also, I am kind of bored. I would appreciate it if everyone would start blogging and pinning things like crazy so that I have lots to look at on the internets. Thanks! :) 

Here's hoping tomorrow is another almost good day! 


bean said...

I hope you start feeling awesome soon!!! I am trying to think of our occupying tasks from pregnancy days.

I can only think of one that worked on Cal for at least an hour - I'd bring down everyone's clean socks in a basket and then send him down with one pair at a time to put them away. He LOVED it and between 1 1/2 and 3ish never bothered to ask why we were doing it. :) When he was too little for drawers, I just had him put them on each person's bed.

Oh! Wait! Maggie and Cal loved "playing sick" when I was pregnant with Hallie. They got laundry baskets and blankets and towels and a pot (of course) and made elaborate beds in the laundry baskets, tucked each other in and then would pretend to throw up in the pots. Occasionally moan. Ask for puking medicine. For a long time. I think about an hour again. I'm sure there is a sore throat version - maybe loud whispering? Sipping cold drinks?

They also (to varying degrees, depending on the personality) would be interested in patting my head or putting ice packs on me or giving a foot rub or whatever else for a bit.

And then one I still use (even just last night) when things are desperate is a drive. Nowhere. Anywhere. Last night we went to Taco Bell and got chips. We stopped and got gas too. Just to stop some fighting that was starting to gain momentum. So if you aren't drugged, maybe just drive somewhere, get a treat and then park and listen to the radio or something. Everyone is strapped in and can't do too much harm. :)

bean said...

I forgot! Freezing cold drinks helped my throat when I was recovering and seemed to help Hallie too...but she was never bad like this. :( And if I fell behind on Advil after mine, things got pretty bad pretty fast. Hang in there!