iPhone catch-up

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I have been pretty lazy about uploading the pictures from my phone onto my computer lately, so here is a big catch up! 

I have been trying to teach Kenley how to use scissors. Man. It has been hard! We have been contemplating homeschool and this scissor thing is enough to make me want to throw the towel in already! More on the homeschool thing later. Right now it is just a bunch of ideas swirling around in my head and on my pinterest boards. 

Dipped cones with Daddy after he received a book scholarship from a Marine support group. It was great that we were able to go support Daddy, but next time we will get a sitter so that I can pay attention to supporting him! :)

Hanging out in the cry room at church because CLo had a Quasimodo eye thing going on. It turned out to be a stye and still looks bad. Poor girl. 

Bed head hugs

The rule is... If I have to push one of these awful car carts in a grocery store, then I buy myself chocolate for the ride home. 

Getting the kombucha habit started early. 

I have learned an awesome new trick. In one afternoon I can keep the girls entertained, read a book (In relative peace) , and clean the bathtub if I let the girls play in the tub with bath crayons! It's awesome because they will play for a super long time so I can read and then when they are done I have to clean the tub to get the bathtub crayon off the walls. It's a win! 

This product is a total lie! It is NOT mess free! The glitter is NOT in the paper. The glitter will be ALL over you and all over Daddy's suit while he leads music. This product is not a good church bag activity!

Kenley and I went for a little date to buy her first day of school outfit. I let her play on the ride on things and then we bought a white chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel covered apple from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. It was awesome! 

Kenley now has the job of walking Rucker. I think they both like it! 

We have artichokes! Yay! They are by far my favorite vegetable! 

Trying to keep the girls entertained since I have had my tonsils out has been rough! The other day I drew big letters on paper and then let her cut up some tissue paper and glue it on to the letter. It turned out to be a really good project for us! 

Today is my Grandpa's 90th birthday! We had a celebration for him on Sunday afternoon. Sunday was actually one of my hardest days post surgery but I am still glad that I went! 

Cousins! I can't remember the last time we were all together! 

Happy Birthday Grandpa! 

 More busy work to keep the girls occupied. 

Is this not just the cutest little person drawing you have ever seen? I am so proud of Kenley!  

She put her pants on her head and yelled "Mommy, I am a rabbit! ribbit, ribbit" hahaha


Goodfellows said...

OH my! I'm almost positive Kayla's first little smiley faces look almost just like that! I'm going to have to find them up...i'll send them to you when i find them! :-)

Carol Blanchet said...

Glad you are on the other end of the surgery and doing well!
You are so good with the girls - you would make an excellent homeschooler....homeschooling doesn't look like "classroom school". LOVE Kenley's person. Bathtime art - what a great idea. We like the Color Wonder books without the glitter!