September Goals Recap and October Goals!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's a little late but here is my recap for September! September turned out to be a month of sickness for the Ronk household :(

September Goals:

Floss teeth every night! Yay Success! 
Wear retainers every night. Yay Success! 
Start planning for Christmas presents Yay Success! I think I am actually almost done buying Christmas presents for the girls! 
1 load of laundry per day! The sickness got in the way of this goal a bit but really I kept up with the laundry pretty well so that was good! 
Make juice every week night so that it is ready the following morning. Whopping fail. 
Find a photographer and get family pictures taken. Leila is going to take our pictures at UW (next week pending that Claire's eye stye clears up)! 
Print pictures for the stinkin photo wall! (this one is contingent on us having pictures taken)
Be more consistent with reading to the girls. I started reading The Chronicles of Narnia to the girls as well as being more consistent with reading to them throughout the day. It is going well! 
2 Children's museum trips! Yay! Success! We hadn't been there in awhile and were very pleased to see that they had some new exhibits! 
Weekly meal plans! I plan to post these every Sunday night to keep me accountable as well! Success! 
Get back to running and fitness classes! Utter fail. I was sick. Husband was sick. Kids were sick. 
Celebrate an awesome 6 years with my wonderful husband! Yay! We had an awesome time at the dude ranch! 

October Goals:

Make it through my tonsil surgery and recovery (Spoiler alert: The surgery was a success!) :)

I would love to continue with the flossing and retainer wearing and laundry but it is just not realistic at this point. Hopefully soon though!

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