Four tips for your Tuesday

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tip #1: Prepping Stickers. 

Kenley loves stickers and they have the ability to keep her occupied for quite a while, IF I have prepped the sticker sheets first by removing the outer sticker part and just leaving the sticker shapes! If I don't prep the sticker sheets then she usually wants my help to get the stickers off of the sheet, now that she isn't taking naps anymore I am all about finding activities that keep her occupied without my help!

When I get a new batch of stickers I will usually spend some time prepping all of the sticker sheets while we watch TV at night, its mindless and I like getting them all done at one time! . 

Before and After. So much easier for little fingers! 

Tip #2: Taming Tangly Hair

I may have mentioned this before but I have convinced myself that if I cut Kenley's hair it will turn brown. I think we have watched Tangled a few too many times :). 

Kenley's beautiful long blond locks are super tangly, I was having to use anti tangle spray most days and even then I spent a lot of time ripping out the tangles from her hair. 

I have found that prevention is the best solution! When Kenley takes a bath, I shampoo and condition her hair and while the conditioner is still in, I comb through her hair with a wide toothed comb. This helps so much! I don't have to spend long amounts of time working on her tangles anymore! 

Tip #3 Silencing Squeaky Boots

I picked up an inexpensive pair of black boots this week at Target. I don't wear black very often so this $40 Target pair should hold up great for me. My only complaint about these boots is that they were so squeaky when I would walk! I solved this problem by rubbing the parts that rubbed together with a new dryer sheet. It worked great and now my boots aren't squeaky! 

Tip #4: iPhone Help with Memorizing Scripture

We have been working with Kenley on memorizing ABC verses. We are up to the letter G and I have been so amazed with her ability to memorize! Her little brain picks the verses up to quickly. My brain isn't so young anymore and I need a bit of help with memorizing. I have been going through the She Reads Truth reading plans on YouVersion. We just finished up the Colossians study and yesterday they posted this picture so that we could put it as the lock screen on our phones to help us memorize Colossians 3:2. What a great idea! It's one of those things that I smack my head and say why didn't I think of that! I definitely plan to make more colorful lock screens for my next memory verses! 

Speaking of She Reads Truth, we are about to start a Thanksgiving Study and then we are moving on to an Advent Study which I am SUPER excited about! 

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