Marine Corps Ball 2012!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Our Ball was last night! This year the ball was at held at the Lynnwood Convention Center. The Hubs was in charge of the ceremony and it went pretty well! At least it looked that way from my seat! He also sang the national anthem a capella. I actually forgot that he was going to be singing it so when he started singing I was totally startled and looked around to check where he was!  

My camera battery died before I could take any pictures so I only snapped a few iPhone shots, I think the pictures of the ball taken by a midshipman in the unit will be posted online sometime though and I will try to link to it so that you can see what a Ball is like!  

After getting ready at our hotel... 

After dinner/ mid- dancing time. Guess what? I danced... Yep. I promised the Man that I would this year so I had to oblige! I felt like a dork and also a little bit like we had crashed a prom (I forget how young the college kids are!) but it was fun! Next year I will have to listen to some current music or watch some MTV a few weeks before the ball so that I know some songs! :) 

They certainly didn't play any Mumford & Sons or any Disney Princess music :) 

They had some vintage posters displayed in the lobby and they were so cool! If we ever have a boy child he will totally have this hanging in his room! 

Oh, and someone called me Ma'am.... twice....  Um what? She was young and also called Brian Sir... Maybe it was because he was active duty in uniform? BUT STILL.... Am I that old? Last night made me feel old... I didn't even get the stamp on my hand for being 21... so that must mean that I look old now?? Weird!


kim said...

3you look so pretty! I love that necklace (and the dress :) I am glad you guys had a good time. Miss you!

Keri Ronk said...

Miss you too! Thanks for picking out a dress that I could wear again!

Emma said...

You're so gorgeous!

Steph said...

Your dress, shoes and necklace are so classy! You and Brian looked fabulous!

Amy said...

As I'm looking through these pictures again, I realized in the shot of you and Brian at the ball, both girls behind you are sitting there texting - awesome! Lol.