What a weekend!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Saturday, the day after the Ball, we took the girls to Disney on Ice!  

The Tangled part was the best! 

I have about 100 pictures almost exactly like this one taken by Kenley at the thrift store the other day.... 

My sweet girls waiting for me to try on some skirts at the thrift store! I'm pretty sure this picture was taken 3 minutes before the melt downs that had me rushing them home for naps! 

Ugh. I am sick of {me eating} candy. I need to get this stuff out of my house! 

We voted! Looks like "We The People" have 4 years to read and study the constitution. Let's get on that! It is going to be a goal of mine to read through the whole constitution and try to understand it more! 

 Last night we went on a double date with the Peters to Wicked! It was awesome! 

Her special "sleeping bed" at Grandma and Grandpas

Crafting with the Silhouette. I love that thing! 

The kiddos today after Preschool. Silly kids. I'm pretty sure Kenley started the paci thing since none of the other kids really know what to do with them! 

Today, I taught day 6 of Creation (and the letter F). We have been doing this craft as a visual for the kiddos. Since I couldn't find Adam and Eve stickers I had to improvise. It makes me laugh every time I see it!  
 {Also making my laugh today is how many times I said "____ is an F word"}

 The Hubs surprised me with flowers the other night! Husband for the win! 

I'm sorry.... but it is too early for the red cups. Also......People, PLEASE.... It is too early for Christmas music! I have already heard Santa Baby at least 3 times in stores.... that is 3 times too many!!!!!!! 

I found about 40 pictures similar to these on my phone the other day! They all crack me up! 

 Kenley and Gumpa! 

So they should have been sleeping... 

But... How cute are those sweet hugs!?!! 

Hope you are having a great Wednesday! 

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