I Day at PreSchool!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Wednesday was Ii day at Preschool! 

He sure is patient with her! 

Looking out the window to check the weather! 

 Show and Tell! Kenley brought a headband for H! 

Our verse of the week

For the craft we did ice painting! It was such a simple fun craft and the kids loved it! I definitely want to do ice painting again in the summer when we can be outside! 

I just filled the ice cube tray up and then squirted lots of food coloring in, mixed it, then froze it with the little skewers in it. Super easy and you probably already have the supplies on hand or can find them at the Dollar Tree! 

I only gave the kids red, blue, and yellow so it was really fun to see how the colors mixed together as they painted! 

I is a really hard letter to think of foods that go with it other than ice cream so we had regular food and I brought our ice cream maker! We had a little ice cream party complete with the ice cream decorations leftover from Kenley's 2nd birthday party! I know that I should throw them away... but I love them... and they came in handy for this so they might come in handy for something else... right? :) 

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Emily said...

Y'all are so creative!!