Halloween and E day @ PreSchool!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

We thought it would be fun to let the kiddos wear their Halloween costumes to school this week. 
We had Tinker Bell, Batman, a Cupcake, and Rapunzel! 

The little siblings came as a Tiger, Cinderella, Robin, and a Monkey!

I have the cutest nephews! 

 I will be totally honest. I put zero thought into the girls costumes this year. I just let them wear some dress-up dresses that we had stashed away. I should have tried the dresses on the girls before Halloween because both dresses were too big for the girls!

Find the e in your name! 

Learning how the sign for e! 

 I was the craft mom this week (I really like being the craft mom!)! E is a hard letter to come up with a cute craft for! I saw the idea on Pinterest to use envelopes to form the shape of an E. Since I wanted the E's to fit on a piece of construction paper, I had to use my Silhouette machine to cut out little tiny envelopes! 
I let the kiddos color the envelopes and then I glued them to pieces of paper that I had already glued a line on. 

The finished product: 

I think that they turned out so cute! 

I know I say it all the time, but I just love this little preschool! I wish that we could do all of their schooling like this! 

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