I am a sucker for infomercials!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We just got a tv again after not having one since June. When Brian hooked it up we found out that we get free cable! I guess that the cable company never disconnected the previous owners cable.

So I have so far seen two informercials that I think are super cool!

One is called Peticure its is a nail clipping thing for pets. The other is called Mighty Mend and the guy in the commercial was Billy Mays the oxyclean guy, he could sell anyone anything!

Good thing we do Financial Peace and only pay cash! So no infomercial purchases for me!

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bean said...

you totally crack me up. i thought that abraham piper's blog won the prize for having the most unexpected topics, but i think you are beating him. i *NEVER* know what you are going to post about. it's always entertaining.

my dad is obsessed with infomercials too. :) he bought knives one time and loves them to death.