Thanksgiving Prep

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thankfully I have had the day off today so I have been able to get all of my Thanksgiving prep work done. We are having the Klingenstein's over for Thanksgiving and thankfully Sandy offered to make the turkey, stuffing, and gravy! I really lucked out because I get to make all of the yummy sides!

Mashed Potatoes.... Check

Green Bean Casserole..... Check

Sweet Potatoes..... Check

All I have left to do on Thanksgiving is to make the rolls and bake everything!

I still cant figure out how to put clickable links on here but here are the links to the food that I am making.

Green Bean Casserole:

Mashed Potatoes:

Sweet Potatoes:

Mystery Rolls:

You will probably notice by going to those sites that I am in love with ThePioneerWoman. Its true. I go to her site several times a day. I even had a dream that I met her the other night. seriously. I have random dreams. I was holding out for her to post a pumpkin pie recipe but she hasn't yet so I caved and bought a frozen pie :). Maybe next year I will make a real one. I also got a Cinnabon Apple Pie because I like pie. :)

I really wanted to make the baked artichoke recipe from the November Martha Stewart Living but I couldn't ever find the frozen artichoke hearts. I went to 4 grocery stores. So if you know where to find frozen artichokes please fill me in!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Sandy said...

I have the turkey thawing in the fridge, the stuffing ingredients are ready to put together and then the gravy comes last. It's going to all be so yummy! Too bad about the artichoke hearts dish :(

Keri Ronk said...

I know. I did check Food Lion, Walmart, The Commissary, and Harris Teeter. :( Maybe next year! I am excited for this year though!

Steph said...

Oh Keri ... Fake pumpkin pie? For shame! :P

Keri Ronk said...

Haha Steph you bum! I cant believe you are calling me out! haha :)

bean said...

Yum! Hey, if I can make a pumpkin pie, you can too. :) I'm a cooking moron.

To do clickable links, highlight the text you want and then click on the little chain icon (third from the left) and put the link you want in the thing that pops up. Hope that's not confusing - let me know if it is. I'm kind of an internet moron too...but way less of one than in the cooking department. :)