Thankful for Cherry Point!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today I am posting from MCAS New River in Jacksonville, NC! MCAS = Marine Corps Air Station :) Anyways Brian is still @ Sgt's Course and needed my car for a vehicle inspection and then when that is over we are going to Kyle and Joy's to do Financial Peace and dinner. So I am here at the Station Library trying to kill some time. Being here really makes me thankful that we are stationed @ Cherry Point. Right outside of the main gate of New River there are honestly about ten "gentlemen's clubs" It makes me sick to my stomach that people go to these things, I mean I realize that Marines have the reputation for being kinda skeezy but still I hope in my mind that they have morals. Marine Corps bases have off-limits lists, the one for Cherry Point has like 2 places that Marines cannot go to but the one for here in Jacksonville has like 25 if not more. Its sad.

Im working on my top 5 favorite things about NC it will be posted as soon as I take pictures of all of my favorite things! That means Baker's Square here I come!!! That place could really have a whole post dedicated to it alone I love it so much!

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