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Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm beginning think that our house doesn't like me and that it only puts up with me when Brian is here. I think this because Brian has been doing Sgt's course for three weeks each week something weird has happened that I dont really know how to fix or what to do about it.

In the first week we had problems with our plumbing. I didn't blog about it at first because it was gross, no water would drain from our house so when we would do a load of laundry all of the showers and toilets would fill up with water. Gross.

Week Two was the leaky roof that lead to water damage in our ceiling. The pictures are a few posts below if you missed them. There is no news about this yet but we do have a roofer coming out next week.

Well now its week three, I was sitting watching tv on wednesday night and all of a sudden half of the lights in our house were flickering and I could hear sparking coming from our electrical panel. After a little while of that I think it blew something because now those lights dont work at all. So we have no light in any of the bathrooms or the hallway or outside or at the light right when you come into our house.

I feel so bad when I have to tell Brian all of these things because he wants to come home and fix them. I want him to be able to focus on Marine Corps stuff rather than if his wife has power or a hole in the ceiling or running water. haha :)

Its actually becoming quite commical all of the stuff that we have broken or has happened to us this year. The list is long and includes 2 vacuums, the lawn mower, the A/C in our car (in August of course... We did get that fixed), my shower head (twice.. It was an infomercial purchase), and our glass stovetop.... The list actually goes on but I will spare you.

Have you ever wondered how to break your glass stovetop? Well let me teach you! :)
Brian and I were making dinner and we were steaming some carrots. Well we turned those on and then we both went off to doing our own seperate things totally not thinking about the carrots. When I finished folding the laundry I went over the stove to check on them and I noticed silver bubbles next to the pot. I thought that was weird. Luckily I didnt touch it. Then Brian and I figured out that we had melted our pot. We werent really sure what to do with the melted metal, Brian uses these things at work called "pig mats" they are supposed to absorb like anything so after Brian took the pot outside and set it on the concrete we tried soaking it up with the pig mat. It just ate the pig mat. So we turned off the stove and just let it cool so it could harden. While it was hardening we hear these little pops and realize that the metal is melting the glass on our stove top and cracking it as well. So yeah we are dumb, its funny to me now though. Here are some pictures of that wonderful night! :)

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