Update on the ceiling

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The ceiling did not come crashing down last night which is a good thing! There is more water damage though. I called our homeowners insurance today and they basically just said to take lots of pictures and do whatever I need to do to ensure that no further damage is done. That is a really confusing statement because I am not sure if for insurance purposes I should leave it how it is so that they can see it when the claims adjuster comes out next week or if we should put a tarp on our roof so no rain can come in or if we should have roofers come out and fix this. Especially since we are expecting another big storm on Friday. This is a very frustrating whole process especially since Brian is away at Sgt's course and sick so he cant really do anything to help me with this whole mess.


bean said...

Keri - yuk! No fun!

Just pretend you are Sarah Edwards - she handled pretty much EVERYTHING for Jonathan. You can do it!

I'll give you my 2 cents - I'd put a tarp up to be sure that nothing gets too damaged and falls on you, lol. Then I'd call the insurance back and insist (politely) that they tell you how you can move ahead on getting it repaired as you don't want your ceiling falling down. Then do whatever the next step they tell you.

I'll pray for you. :)

Keri Ronk said...

Thanks for praying for me Mo! Your prayers are definitly helping since today I am much more upbeat about the situation. The insurance people also called me today and told me exactly what to do so that was awesome as well!

Maybe this is my training to be like Sarah Edwards!

Sandy said...

I'm glad the ceiling situation is improving but what a bout the roaches?!