I Voted... Sort of

Monday, November 3, 2008

I voted for president for the first time! Well kind of... Washington has an all absentee ballot system and all ballots have to be sent in by the 4th. I sent mine in today but I dont really see how it can be counted in time to actually affect who gets choosen for President. Tomorrow is Election Day. My vote went to John McCain. I honestly feel that the military will be better off in his hands. I was kind of stressing out about this election earlier today and then as I was doing some blog reading I came across a John Piper video on Girltalk. This one is the extended version of the video they posted. It definitly puts things in perspective and is a must see! The thing that stuck out what when he said he was praying for Obama to change his mind about abortion. That hit me so hard. Why have I not been praying for him? I need to be praying for him as well as John McCain and our other political leaders. So I encourage you to watch this video and then pray for both Presidential Candidates.